Our Journal

Our salmon pink shirt turns heads in Hastings, worn by Georgian.
(May 2020)
Jon in Catalonia feels on top of the world in our pale blue boxer shorts.
(June 2020)
Summer in the Eternal City is hot but Luca keeps cool in a matching set of whites.
(July 2020)
Our boxer shorts make the prefect loungewear to accompany Jeremy's morning tea.
(June 2020)
The iconic salmon logo is a defining characteristic of our cotton shirt, as styled by Bilal in Covent Garden.
(June 2020)
Paride reclines in our pale blue boxer shorts, built for comfort as well as practicality.
(May 2020)
Faride enjoys a leisurely stroll through Trafalgar Square in our periwinkle blue shirt.
(September 2020)

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